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Between Earth and Humans

We believe that the value of our group companies lies in providing environment-friendly, quality materials to make the earth more safe and pleasant for future generations.

To achieve this mission, ANDOH PARACHEMIE, a trading company specializing in chemicals and a manufacturer of wax for precision casting, practices environmental conservation under the following action plans, taking into consideration the environmental impacts of its activities.

Our policy

  1. We will comply with environments relating regulations and the articles.
  2. We will develop and produce environment friendly goods , will promote actions to enlarge and offer necessary information on goods.
  3. We will reduce environmental impact. We will manage goods suitably and reduce "energy consumption".
    In order to use resource effectively and to reduce waste goods, we carry out recovery and recycling by challenging reduction of "resources consumption".
  4. All the group members will make use of information to maintain good environments and manage to "Environmental Conservation" and "Prevention of Environmental Pollution".
  5. We will set "Purpose of Environment" and "Target of Environment".
  6. We will try to keep every member of our group company informed about this policy and announce to the other companies than us.

October 1, 2007

Compliance with ISO14001 standards

ANDOH PARACHEMIE has established environmental principles and goals to be addressed throughout the company to comply with the ISO14001 standards. Some of the facilities have successfully acquired ISO14001 certification, and we will work toward the goals.

Environment-friendly products

In the 21st Century, environmental concerns such as global warming, ozone depletion and contamination of the oceans have attracted considerable attention and must be addressed urgently.

In Japan, the United States and the EU, relevant laws and regulations have been improved.

Due to problems associated with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), people are now choosing paints and other coatings that contain less solvent and/or are water soluble. Often, however, there is no alternative to conventional solvents.

There are many ways of addressing environmental issues. ANDOH PARACHEMIE provides products in containers that can be recycled and products that can be reused and have less impact on the environment, according to the Fundamental Law for Establishing a Sound Material-Cycle Society and other environmental fundamentals as well as ISO14001 in terms of the 3Rs and reduction in environmental impact. When dealing with waxes and solvents, it is difficult to provide products with no environmental impact, but we always focus on establishing a recycling system and paying careful attention to the environment.

Our efforts will continue to focus on reducing resource consumption and the emission of environmentally harmful substances.

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